quick facts about me

Nothing brings me more joy than capturing not just the big moments, but also the little moments. I'm a dreamer who will help you build a Pinterest board, collaborate with you on your shot lists, and will always be a text a way from any questions... wedding-related or not. My goal is to bring those big dreams to life. I value both candid moments alongside giving guidance and direction that will make generations after you swoon at how beautiful you are.

Whether in Wisconsin, Chicago, or beyond I would love to meet with you. I'm an avid traveler, so wherever you are, I'll meet you there!

I'm Makayla; a passionate traveler, optimist, and goal-oriented person

Hey there!

+ Ice cream has a special spot in my heart.

+ Born and raised in Wisconsin, but will forever yearn to travel the world.

+ Though I hold high standards, I have a flexible personality and can go with the flow.

+ My hand-written bucketlist has many things crossed off from the past few years.

+ I called Thailand home for three months as a volunteer English teacher. 

+ I always have a smile on my face.


Quick Facts About Me

When you look back on your photos many years from now, the last thing you want your grandchildren to comment on is the "bad quality" or the "weird filter" on your photos. 

Your special day deserves to be captured with vibrant yet organic colors that can stand the test of time. Generations after you will be swooning over your best day ever with my film-inspired editing style.

pure and light

my editing style

Photography to me is the definition of passion. It evokes a "strong and barely controllable emotion".

My decision in my career has led me to meet so many amazing people filled with love and joy. There is nothing (not even ice cream) that I love more than giving back to my community and seeing others smile. 

So when I realized that I could have a career in making others smile, I never looked back. 


why i became a

I love to travel. Whether I'm out adventuring with my family, friends, or even by myself; travelling has become a huge part of who I am.

Though Disney World has proven to me multiple times that it's the most magical place on earth, I also love going off the beaten path to places that aren't on everyone's bucket list.

Ask me about the one time I boarded a bus with 49 strangers in Wisconsin and came back from Canada with 49 new friends.

around the globe

My love for travel

Ice cream is the way to my heart. There is virtually nothing that can make me smile more than a large waffle cone filled with cookie dough ice cream from Kwik Trip... because yes, I was born and raised in Wisconsin.

Believe it or not, a few of my senior photos were taken with ice cream in my hand. 


my go to

We have really enjoyed working with Makayla from beginning to end

-Joelle Fellinger

Every day is a gift and deserves to be cherished. This song inspires us to live as if we could die tomorrow, but dream as if we could live forever.

With photography, we have the power to treasure those blessed memories for many years to come and pass them down to generations after us. Looking back on your photos, you'll remember all the bliss and joy from that moment.

My favorite quote, sang by my favorite artist

"Live like you were dying"
-Tim McGraw

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