10 Essential Details to Uplevel your Wedding Flatlay

Wedding detail photos taken in the morning help tell the story of your special day. When you sit down on your 10th anniversary with your wedding album, the pretty details set the tone for the entire gallery. Seeing the perfume you wore, your grandmother’s pearls, and your never-worn wedding bands will all create sweet nostalgia. As a wedding photographer who has photographed hundreds of details and flatlay, I know how to create ones that stand out. This is why I created this guide of 10 essential details to uplevel your wedding flatlay.

Wedding detail flatlay

1. Rings

This one may be obvious, but it’s an important one. Your wedding bands (and engagement ring) are a symbol of your everlasting love and commitment to each other. Ensure that your bands are with someone who can give them to your photographer the morning of the wedding.

Wedding rings flatlay

2. Invitations

You may wish to keep at least one invitation suite for yourself as a sentiment. However, you should also have all of your paper goods photographed as well to ensure that memory is preserved. After all, your invitations are the first things your guests saw, and they set the tone for your day.

Wedding Invitations flatlay

3. Florals from your Florist

This is truely how you can uplevel your photos! By asking your florist for a few loose blooms for your photographer, you’re guaranteed to have flatlay photos with a wow-factor. They add beautiful dimension, texture, and color to your photos.

Florals and vows flatlay

4. Perfume/Cologne

It’s known that your richest memories have a smell to them. Think about going to an apple tree farm… can you smell the crisp fall air and fresh apples? Similarly, when you look back on your wedding photos, you may remember scents from your day.

perfume and bride's jewelry

5. Sentimental Items

This can be anything that’s meaningful to you. Boquet charms, your something blue, something borrowed, something new, your mom’s dress made into a clutch, vow books, champagne that you plan to pop, etc. The ideas are limitless!

Champagne and vows

6. Jewelry

Include everything! Your earrings, bracelet, necklace, garter, rings, watch, bowtie, sunglasses, etc. The more items your photographer can capture, the better.

Milwaukee Art Museum Flatlay

7. Hairpieces

Little hair pearls? Yes! Big florals? Yes! Include any statement pieces you plan on putting in your hair.(Whether big or small)

Beautiful wedding flatlay

8. Stamps, Wax Seals, and Ribbon

I always carry a variety of wax seals, stamps, ribbon, backgrounds, ring boxes, and other little details for flatlay. If you have extra ribbon or details that were used on your paper goods, feel free to include them! It’ll help create cohesiveness and better tell your story.

Upleveled wedding flatlay

9. Dress, Veil, and Menswear

You know you love your wedding day fashion, and it deserves a moment of its own! What you wear on your wedding day has so much sentimental value. My advice is to preserve that dress, literally and in photos!

Uplevel your wedding dress hanger

10. Shoes

These may be the prettiest shoes you ever wear! Ensure your photographer captures them before they have too much wear or tear from dancing the night away.

Wedding Shoes Flatlay

Flatlay Organization

Now that you know what to have for your photographer for your flatlay, place all of those items in a box the night before your wedding. That way, you’ll have everything together, ready to be photographed! Now that you know everything you need for your flatlay, start imagining your own detail items that will uplevel your wedding flatlay!

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