Secrets to choosing outfits

What’s the secret to choosing outfits?

Choosing your outfit for photos is important to not just storytelling, but also showing off your style. This shouldn’t be too stressful! If you find yourself unable to sleep at night because you’re stressed over outfits, I’m here to help!

I’m going to give you the good, juicy secret that works with any outfit and will guarantee you will look like you belong on the runway. Here it is… COMFORT!

You probably didn’t see that coming, right? When you think of comfort, you may be thinking pajamas. (Unless we’re doing an at-home pillow fight session, let’s keep the pj’s at home) When I say comfort, this means you should wear something that makes you feel confident. Because when you feel confident, it reflects in your photos! Trust me. Whether you feel comfortable in something that’s fancy, casual, trendy, etc., it’s ultimately up to you as to what you feel is best for your photos.

For those of you who want more specific tips, here are my 5 secrets (They’re not really secrets anymore) to choosing outfits:

1. Think about the location.

If we’re going to a beach for your session, a sweater wouldn’t be a great choice. Not just because a sweater will make you feel hot, sweaty, and uncomfortable, but also for storytelling. Your photos are meant to tell a story that’s cohesive with the location, season, and most importantly, your style. At a beach, the perfect outfit would be a long flowy dress paired with accent jewelry!

2. Outfit Color

When in doubt, white is always best! You can never go wrong with neutrals, especially white. It’s timeless, crisp, and will reflect soft light onto your skin. This doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed to wear color though! Choosing tasteful colors that compliment your location can make for show-stopping photos! I highly recommend neutrals (black, creme, brown, mauve, tan, gray, etc.) and color accents.

3. Patterns

Patterns can be great in photos! Buuuut, they also have the ability to overpower you. Subtle, smaller patterns usually work. Think light floral and textures. YOU need to be the focus of the photo, not your clothes! If you have multiple people, plan it out to make sure only one or two people are wearing patterns (or nobody) to make sure the photos won’t look too busy!

4. Details and Jewelry

Get fun with your accessories! I’m obsessed with statement earrings, necklaces, hats, and bracelets! Don’t over do it though. Choose only one statement piece for your outfit and keep the rest simple.

5. Hair & Makeup

This is your decision! If would get a confidence boost from having professional hair and makeup done… Do it! Stray away from super bright lipstick and lots of glitter though, because we want to accent your natural beauty, not cover it up. If you naturally wear little to no makeup with confidence and would rather stick with that, by all means, don’t pretend you’re someone you’re not! As for hair, curls are always a go to along with a wispy updo and textured braids!

I hope these tips help in choosing your outfits! Remember, it’s all about making you feel confident in your own skin. When you book a session with me, I have a full outfit guide that I will send to you! I’m always a text or e-mail away for my booked clients if you’re stumped on what to wear.

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